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Information & Demographics

You're creating a fictional persona that you can understand and identify with. When creating content for your website, emails, a podcast or videos, you can talk directly to the persona that you've created... as if they were on the other side of your desk.

Goals & Values

What motivates your clients? What goals do they have in their business or life? What are some important values to them? What is their 'why'?.

Sources of Information

Where do your clients get their information? Where do they go to read that? Remember to use the "but no one else would" strategy. For example ... 'My perfect client would read [BOOK], but no one else would'.

Pain Points & Challenges

Understanding the pain points and challenges that your customers face, allows you to easily explain to them why your products or services are ideal solutions.

Objections & Business Role

What are the types of objections that your perfect client may have when they're considering whether to purchase your product or service? What will stop them from saying yes today?

In terms of business role, what role do they play in their business? What motivates them as a decision maker?

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