Increase Website Visitors, Generate More Qualified Leads And Get More Sales.

One size does NOT fit all, in order to really EXPLODE your sales you need a custom strategy that defines multiple marketing methods and gets you the best return on investment.

Get your marketing tasks done for you so you can scale your business to the next level

We Turn your Advertising Into Profit by sending highly-qualified visitors to your website and targeting your most ‘ready to buy’ potential customers through multiple marketing methods.
We help your business reach its potential by analysing the competition and creating a custom strategy that will drive ‘ready to buy’ leads to your website.  

Focus on your business and delegate your digital marketing tasks

We get all your campaigns set up so you dont have to,  we set everything up in your account so you can access the information at any time. Working with Marketing Wolf allows you to scale your business and grow faster.

Digital marketing can SCARY sometimes especially if you havent done it before, so we walk you through exactly what were going to do before we do it.  We listen to your goals and make sure we carry out rigorous research before we unleash your campaign, this enables us to provide you with a data driven sales machine right from the beginning. 

Friendly Human Support

We work remotely so we can support you no matter where you are, you will have a dedicated wolf watching over your campaigns. If you need additional support we are only an email away. 

Understanding Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, there is no ‘quick-fix solution’.
Every business is unique, and so is your online marketing strategy. Different things work for different companies, so before we suggest any type of marketing strategy, we make sure we understand your business first and what you have been doing already.

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    First we need to get to know all about you and your business, we will research your industry and your competitors for you so we can see what you are up against.

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    Next we dive deep into what marketing you are already doing and then research even deeper into what will give you the best results.

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    Finally we help you overcome obstacles and identify new and more profitable opportunities that will give you the highest return on investment.


Our Services


Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your organic visibility on the search engines with tactical SEO

paid advertising

Paid Advertising

Fast track the success of your business with professionally managed PPC 

website design (1)

Website Design

High-performance websites with a primary focus on converting visitors.

conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Convert more visitors with a more tactical user experience using CRO

An All In One Solution For Your Digital Marketing Problems

Not only will you be saving time you will be achieving the best results as efficiently as possible

Are you trying to run your business and your marketing all by yourself? Bad Idea! We’ll take care of all the hard work so you can focus on your business.
The marketing strategy we design will maximise your business growth potential FAST!
Nearly every business that tries to increase their website traffic make the same CRAZY mistakes, we’ll show you how to avoid these.
One trick marketing tactics won’t work forever, we create multiple marketing channels that pull in leads more efficiently from all angles.
Our research is INTENSE! You cant expect to crush the competition if you don’t do your homework.

Don’t take our word for it!

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Secure A Home

Austyn Mcilvenna

This company has helped me go from a self employed subcontractor to now operate a well known small limited company in Mansfield. Whenever I have an idea or a marketing strategy they see it through and always send me test pages of future campaigns. Without their expertise and knowledge I would probably still be a sole trader be in promised the earth and ripped off by unscrupulous businesses promising the world and not delivering. I’ve recommended many other businesses to this team as I know they have the depth, knowledge and helpful approach that small businesses need to succeed. It’s been 5 years for me and this team has grown successful and so have I. Great people to have on your side. AAAAA +

jp-hallam logo

JP Hallam Building Contractors

J Hallam

What can i say about the guys a team wolf.
Well there amazing, i really cant thank them enough for what they do for my business.
I had used another company before and they pretty much took my money and ran but this is not paul and his teams game they really do work hard to get results.
Again thank you team wolf. Jon

Tea-with-Mrs-B-logo 1

Tea With Mrs B

Chloe Barns

I began using Paul, Carla & team for Website, marketing and social media services back in April 2019 to help me kickstart my brand new business. Their guidance, professionalism and products have helped both my business and confidence grow. Without their help, my business would mostly definitely not have succeeded like it has in its first year. They've answered my late night phone calls, listened to my needs, put my ideas into action and have been there every step of the way. They regularly update me; change what's needed and continue to guide me to success. Their success in their field not only does what it needs to do, but the stress their service takes away from you means you can focus on the important part of your new business. I couldnt have done it without them, and I am eternally grateful.

We Only MOT Logo

We Only MOT

Misch Fretwell

We approached these guys for help with our PPC campaigns. We had let them run on their own for a while and our account wasn't producing good results. Within days of hiring them, it became apparent that we had wasted a lot of money and these guys restructured our campaigns to perform the best they can. They have saved us a lot of money and have produced outstanding results.

chimney-sweep-mansfield 1

L. Clay Chimney Sweep

Lucan Clay

I wanted to launch a new business and Marketing Wolf was recommended to me by many people. My business went from 0-100MPH within days of launch. Heck, they are that good, I have recently launched a second business with their guidance, and that was the same experience. They know what they are doing.

Hemmings Hard Floor Logo

Hemmings Hard Floor Cleaning

Paul Hemmings

I launched a new business, I had a new website and PPC account with Paul and Stuart. It really made all the difference to my business. I have been with them for over a year now, and I continue to grow and grow.

Derbyshire Bridal Boutique Logo

Derbyshire Bridal Boutique

Gemma Smart

I was a little sceptical to start, as I thought people would just come to my new shop when I first opened up. I was wrong. With Paul and Stuart's help, despite my low marketing budget, I was booking appointments within 2 hours of having our marketing campaign go live. It was unreal.

MMI 4U Logo

MMI4U Insurance

Simon Bond

They have helped my business grow exponentially in one of the most competitive markets. They have successfully driven my conversion rate up, whilst simultaneously driving my cost per conversion down, so now I get more bang for my buck.


Spray Tech

Alan Weston

I own a car body repair business. The team at Marketing Wolf take care of getting people to notice my business, while I take care of customers when they call or walk through the door. It's a match made in heaven, it really is.

Get in touch for a free 30-minute strategy session to learn how we can help you rapidly grow your business.

Sadly, more than 90% of business owners will never reach their potential sales targets. It's not their fault, they just haven't been taught the right way to leverage online marketing to their advantage or they don’t have the time to learn, It doesn't have to be this way for you though.

We can help you achieve AMAZING results much faster than you ever thought was possible.
These strategies can help you make more sales, increase time- freedom, improve your lifestyle.
Even if we don’t end up working together you can keep all the research we carried out in your strategy call until your ready for the next level.


Before you request your free strategy session you must understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success. We’ll do all the hard work of researching your industry, analysing your potential and spying on your competitors, but to truly get your sales figures skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and skyrocket your profits go ahead and book your FREE strategy session call now.

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