Digital Marketing For Worktop Companies

Increase Lead Volume with Strategies Specifically Designed to Enhance Your Online Presence and Attract More Customers.


Expanded Customer Reach


Enhanced Online Engagement


Increased Sales and Revenue

Digital Marketing Challenges in the Worktop Industry

Limited Online Visibility

Struggling to stand out in a saturated online marketplace makes attracting new customers challenging.

Ineffective Digital Advertising

Investing in digital ads without a significant return leads to wasted marketing budget and resources.

Low Website Conversion Rates

Attracting website visitors but failing to convert them into leads or sales, missing out on potential business growth.

Navigating Google Ads

Overwhelmed by the complexities of Google Ads management, leading to suboptimal campaign performance.

Aligning Business Goals

Finding it challenging to align marketing strategies with specific business objectives leading to unclear results and ROI.

Overwhelmed by Marketing

Juggling digital marketing tasks with core work responsibilities often leads to a 'marketing black hole' that diverts focus from your key business operations.

Setting New Standards in Digital Marketing for Worktop Companies

You deserve more than just standard marketing services. You deserve a partner who is as committed to your success as you are to your craft. That means:

  • Tailored Strategies

    Not just generic campaigns, but marketing strategies explicitly crafted for the unique nature of your worktop business.

  • Transparent Communication

    Clear, honest updates on your campaigns' performance and where they can improve.

  • Actual Results

    Tangible outcomes that translate into more leads, higher sales, and measurable growth.

  • A Collaborative Approach

    Working with you, not just for you, ensuring your marketing aligns perfectly with your business goals.

You deserve a marketing ally who understands the intricacies of your industry and is dedicated to helping your business thrive in the digital landscape.

Why We're the Right Fit for Your Worktop Company

  • Empathy With Your Challenges

    We understand the hurdles you face in the worktop industry. Our team empathises deeply with your struggle to stand out online and attract the right customers. This understanding drives our approach to every campaign we create.

  • Confidence In Our Expertise

    With our specialised knowledge in SEO, Google Ads, and conversion optimisation, you can trust us to deliver results. Our proven track record and deep industry insight mean your marketing is in capable hands.

  • Commitment to Your Growth

    We don't just work for you; we work with you. Our commitment to your growth is evident in our tailored strategies, transparent reporting, and continuous optimisation, ensuring your business meets and exceeds its digital marketing goals.

Real Companies, Real Results

Mansfield worktops Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes

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As a family-run worktops business, we have been on an extraordinary journey with Marketing Wolf. They've been a massive part of our transformation. Their tailored marketing packages have been a game-changer, propelling us from where we started to where we stand today – a testament to their dedication and expertise.
Paul and his team are more than just service providers; they're an extension of our company. Their responsiveness to our queries is remarkable, consistently delivering in-depth insights that significantly enhance our digital footprint. Whether it's online or offline marketing, their proficiency is unparalleled.
They have consistently gone above and beyond, playing a pivotal role in our growth and success. It always feels like they are our personal marketing department, with a robust and collaborative relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Marketing Wolf to businesses seeking to amplify their marketing impact.

Darryl Anderson


From the get go Paul has been an awesome asset to my business plans for growth. Paul has contagious energy and motivation, clearly excels in his sector above the rest. His team behind the scenes are powerhouses within Marketing Wolf and this clearly shows in the results of working with this fantastic company. Thanks to Carla & Stuart for the attention to detail, we are really looking forward to many years of advancing our company with your help.

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Tailored Digital Solutions For Your Worktop Business

Our approach is crafted to address and resolve your unique challenges:

  • Targeted Google Ads Management

    By strategically managing your Google Ads campaigns, we ensure that your business reaches the ideal audience. This precision targeting leads to higher-quality traffic and potential customers actively seeking worktop solutions.

  • High-Converting Website Landing Pages

    We design and develop optimised landing pages that are a perfect destination for your ad campaigns. These pages are crafted with enhanced psychological triggers to encourage visitor action, effectively converting clicks into leads.

  • Adaptive and Test-Ready Design

    Our landing pages are optimised, adaptive, and designed for split testing. This means you get multiple versions of your page, each fine-tuned to test different approaches, maximising your chances of success and conversion.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    We base our strategies on solid data and analytics, ensuring your campaigns target the most effective keywords and reach the right demographics, aligning with your ideal customers' behaviours.

  • Continuous Campaign Optimisation

    Digital marketing and our strategies are dynamic. We consistently monitor, analyse, and adjust your campaigns to respond to market trends and changes in your business needs.

Your Path to Digital Success In 3 Simple Steps


Comprehensive Consultation and Data-Driven Strategy Development

We start with an in-depth consultation to explore your business goals and address challenges. Leveraging the latest Google data, we analyse demand for your services within your area and calculate the ad budget needed to achieve your revenue targets.

This process enables us to fetch data that offers ultimate guidance on the estimated campaign cost so you can clearly forecast investment and outcomes before committing to anything.



Tailored Campaign Creation and Launch

Next, we craft and launch your campaigns using targeted Google Ads and high-converting landing pages designed specifically for your target audience. Our expert team manages every detail, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

This step brings your marketing strategy to life, connecting you with the right audience and converting them into leads.



Ongoing Optimisation and Growth

We continuously monitor and refine your campaigns, adapting to market trends and your evolving business objectives. This ongoing optimisation guarantees sustained growth and maximises your ROI.

This final step ensures your campaigns remain effective, keeping your business ahead of the competition and driving long-term success.


Our Commitment to Your Business's Growth

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Customised Solutions

At Marketing Wolf, we promise to deliver bespoke digital marketing solutions perfectly aligned with your worktop business's unique needs. Our customised approach ensures that every campaign is specifically designed to achieve your specific business goals, leading to unmatched results in your market segment.

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Transparent Communication

Transparency is at the core of our services. We commit to providing clear insights into your campaign performance. You'll always know how your campaigns are doing and what we're doing to improve them, ensuring you're not just a client but a well-informed partner in the marketing process.

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Continuous Adaptation

The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and so are our strategies. We will continuously adapt and refine your campaigns, responding to the latest market trends and data. This commitment to agility ensures that your marketing efforts remain effective and your business enjoys sustained success and growth.

Common Issues, Our Solutions

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Low Visibility

Problem: Worktop companies often need help to gain visibility in the competitive digital landscape. This lack of online presence makes reaching and engaging with the target market challenging. 

Solution: We address this by enhancing your online visibility. Our targeted digital strategies ensure that your worktop company stands out, attracting the right audience and potential customers to your business.

Wasted Marketing Efforts

Problem: Many worktop businesses are frustrated by investing in marketing strategies that consume significant resources but don't yield the desired results. It's a cycle of effort without adequate reward. 

Solution: We create efficient, data-driven marketing strategies that optimise your marketing spend. Our approach is designed to provide a higher return on investment, ensuring that your efforts translate into tangible business gains.

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Growth Plateau

Problem: It's not uncommon for businesses in this industry to reach a growth plateau, finding it difficult to expand their customer base and increase revenue. This stagnation can limit the potential of your business.

Solution: By partnering with us, worktop companies experience sustainable business growth. Our strategies lead to a steady increase in customer inquiries and sales, contributing to overall business expansion. This growth benefits your business financially and allows you to focus more on your craftsmanship and less on marketing concerns.

What's Included With Marketing Wolf's Services

When you partner with Marketing Wolf, you receive a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services tailored to help you grow your worktop business:

  • Personalised Marketing Consultations

    One-on-one discussions to align our strategies with your business goals and address any concerns.

  • Market Research

     In-depth research into market trends and competitor activities, positioning your business a step ahead.

  • Customised Google Ads Campaigns

    Expertly crafted and managed campaigns that target your specific audience for maximum effectiveness.

  • High-Converting Landing Pages

    Specially designed landing pages that resonate with your audience, incorporating psychological triggers to increase conversions.

  • Continuous Campaign Optimisation

    Regularly analyse and refine your campaigns to ensure ongoing effectiveness and adaptability to market changes.

  • Data-Driven Strategies

    Our approach is grounded in solid data and analytics, ensuring your marketing efforts are efficient and effective.

  • Transparent Reporting

    Detailed, easy-to-understand reports that provide insight into your campaign performance, keeping you informed and involved.

Get your free Marketing Strategy

Take the First Steps:

  • 1

    Complete Our Questionnaire

    Share insights about your current marketing and your goals.

  • 2

    Analyse and Strategise

    We'll craft a unique digital marketing plan that fits your business perfectly.

  • 3

    Your Growth

    Start seeing actual results in your online presence and customer engagement.

Fill out the questionnaire and take the first step toward success with Marketing Wolf.

Straight Questions, Straight Answers

Yes, there is a minimum contract to reflect our commitment and the seriousness of our efforts. We invest significant time perfecting campaigns and landing pages, expecting a minimum commitment from you. This is to ensure a positive return on investment for both parties.

Cost is calculated after reviewing your business goals, targets, and the data we collect. This approach ensures transparency and realism in our cost estimation.

We use in-depth Google data from the past 12 months, run through our algorithmic calculator, to predict outcomes. You'll see this in our video presentation or live, and you can even access the calculator to experiment with the numbers yourself.

Our data comes from reputable sources like Google Analytics, industry-specific studies, and our own accumulated data from past campaigns in the worktop industry.

While early success varies by industry, we have historically seen promising campaign starts in the worktop sector. Still, to be clear, we're cautious about maintaining your budget, treating your ad spending as our own. Our team aims to generate you qualified leads, relying on your sales team to close the deals. While a slow start is normal as campaigns mature, we focus on generating leads as early as possible without wastage.

Yes, but the results will reflect your chosen budget. Our data-driven suggestions aim for the best outcomes, but the final decision is yours. Budget adjustments can be made during the campaign.

Your involvement is up to you. Some clients prefer regular updates and input, while others trust us to handle everything. In month 1, we are very involved with you, making sure everything is in place, but as we gain traction and there becomes a lead-generating rhythm, you will find the monthly reports most valuable and easy to understand, along with any suggestions we have. 

We're committed to your growth. If you're not satisfied, we reevaluate and adjust strategies. Our advice is based on experience and ongoing data collection. We take on projects we believe in and are transparent from the start. If you are ever worried about any detail of your project, you can reach out to us anytime. 

Yes, we have extensive experience with worktop companies, and they represent some of our most successful ongoing campaigns. These businesses continue to see growth month over month, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored strategies in this specific industry.

Growth typically starts within the first month, though patience is advised. We monitor ad progress closely and have seen significant success in the worktop industry, assuming effective lead conversion on your end. If progress is slow, we'll investigate and advise on improvements, whether in sales processes or follow-up tactics.

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